Exciting news about Copelands!
Official Planning Permission notice expected within a few weeks.
Copelands, dementia, BCM
Buy a brick and help us to build Copelands
You can help us to create something special for people living with dementia
Christmas 2014 at BCM
Christmas 2014 at BCM
Rev Richard Johnston, Superintendent
Richard's Ramblings....
Rev Richard Johnston, Superintendent
Puddleducks is growing!
A new baby room is coming!

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Founded in 1889 as part of the Methodist church’s response to problems inherent in inner-city life, BCM is involved with all sectors of the community, irrespective of religious or political affiliation. Our aim is to support those most in need in our society and enable them to reach their full potential. We do this through our diverse social care projects, cross-community programme and our two congregations.